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This page looks at families who have married into the Wilkey family or have a connection with the City of Bath

The Wilkey Family of Bedminster from 1885

Mention is made here of a Wilkey family who moved from Bristol and settled in Bath so that hopefully confusion will not arise with the 'Wilkey family of Bath & London'.

Ernest William Wilkey (b. Sep 1885 qtr in Bedminster) was the son of George Olding Wilkey who was a railway signalman in the heyday of the Great Western Railway. It is probable that he moved to Bath through work but died before his son Ernest married. Ernest lived at 10 Gordan Road, Widcombe, Bath at the time of his marriage on the 5 February 1911 to one Mabel Page. She was a year older (26) than Ernest. Ernest worked as a Post Office Clerk. They later moved to 3 Raglan Villa's (in 1917) but by the time their children were adults they lived at 11, Eastbourne Avenue, Bath (in 1937).

Miss Page's father was a livery stable keeper and witnesses at the wedding were Reginald Wilkey and William George Page.


The Deverell Family from 1841 onwards

The Deverell family is linked to the Wilkey family through the marriage of Jean Margaret White (nee Deverell) to Robert Frank Wilkey. The marriage took place in Bath on the 9th October, 1948.

The earliest Deverell of Monkton Combe to be found in the parish registers is the marriage of one Jeremiah Deverell to a Maria Cricklow in Weston Parish on the 11 April 1703. There were a lot of Deverell's associated with the city of Bath and a particularly big contingent lived in Twerton. Henry Deverell was born in 1841 and his wife Sophia in 1840, he was a mason and lived in Monkton Combe, just outside Bath like his forebear. He, like the Twerton contingent had a large family towards the end of the 19th century. His two eldest children were in domestic service. Here are the details of the family from the 1881 Census:

4 Byfields Buildings, Monkton Coombe, Somerset
Henry DeverellHead40Mason
Sofia DeverellWife41Mason Wife
Thomas DeverellSon17Coachm (D Serv)
Mary A DeverellDaughter15Serv (Dom)
Edward DeverellSon14Ag Lab
Alfred DeverellSon12Scholar
Sarah DeverellDaughter10Scholar
George DeverellSon7Scholar
Henry DeverellSon6Scholar
Albert DeverellSon3Scholar

'Ag lab' = agricultural labourer.

Alfred Deverell was described in the 1901 census as a free stone mason and lived at Ebenezer House, The Tyning, Combe Down and in the ecclesiastical parish of Holy Trinity, Combe Down. At this time, Alfred Deverell's brother, Henry Deverell, a french polisher, also lived in the household. He was 26 years old at the time of the census and unmarried. The young Leonard was just 9 months old at this time (31 March 1901). Alfred Deverell is buried in Lansdown Cemetery (Section 8, Letter C. 2. Grave 1).

Margaret Jones was born in Abertillery, Monmouthshire and her mother Priscilla who registered the birth could not read or write. Her Husband Edward Jones was a coal miner. They lived at Edmund's Row, Abertillery in 1874 in the Superintendent Registrar district of Bedwellty.

The Welsh connection continued when Leonard Edward Deverell married Mary Margaret Taylor (known as just Margaret Taylor or Peggy) in 1923. She was a nurse and lived at 78 Greenfield Street, Glancynon, Abereynon, Glamorgan. Her father, Edward Taylor was a farmer and was deceased at the time of the marriage. They were married at the Moriah Baptist Chapel and the marriage was registered in the administrative district of Pontypridd.

Leonard Deverell resided at 4 Park Street, Bath at the time of the marriage. He was a grocer's assistant and worked for some considerable time for a grocer's business called Ifold's just off Julian Road in Bath. Later he acquired his own grocer's shop in Julian Road with a small but busy business called L E Deverell (Grocer's).

Married on the 9 October 1948, Jean Margaret White (nee Deverell) previously married Rex Frederick Lionel White, a cabinet maker on the 21 August 1945. Originally from Cadmore End, High Wycombe, Rex died at the early age of 25 on the 13 December 1946 at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. They lived at 5 Park Street in Bath with Jean White's father, Leonard Edward Deverell. Jean Margaret Deverell's mother, Margaret Deverell (nee Taylor) died prematurely at the age of 34 of TB, when her daughter was just eight years old. She is buried at St Michael's Cemetery (second grave to the right inside main gate) in St Michael's Road, Bath and there is an inscription on the grave 'Peggy - with Granny's love'. Her grandmother, the former Margaret Jones, who lived to the grand old age of 92, then primarily brought up Jean Margaret.

Robert Frank Wilkey, a painter and decorator, latterly a hospital porter, and Jean Margaret Wilkey, a clerk, lived at 3 Park Street, Bath until 1953, when they moved to 84 Queen's Drive, Foxhill, Bath. Residing here until 1961 they then moved to 44 Poolemead Road, Twerton, Bath until their decease. They are buried in Haycombe Cemetery in the field behind the victims of the Bath blitz.


The Percy Family from 1832 onwards

The Percy Family c1912

The Percy family originated from Boxley in Kent and by the turn of the 20th Century had established family connections at Hoo St Werburgh, near Rochester. The Percy family is associated with the Wilkey family through the marriage of Hilary Jane Percy to Robin Leonard Wilkey on the 30 July 1977.

Hilary's parents Don and Joyce Percy moved from Kent to Bath in the 1950's following Donald's work which brought him from Chatham Docks to work at the Ministry of Defence in Foxhill, Bath.


The Goody Family of Stepney from 1840

Related by the marriage of Alfred Walter Wilkey (aka Wallie Wilkey) to Harriet Goody on the 8 April 1912 in Stepney. Wallie Wilkey was the son of Frederick and Amelia M. Wilkey. Frederick's father was William Tavenor Wilkey (C. 1821) who moved to Stepney between 1855 and 1860. Wallie Wilkey was a Carman by trade, like his father.

Harriet's parents were Daniel Thomas Goody (b. 25 May 1840, d. 10 May 1890) and the former Hannah Anne Hall (b. 1 Feb 1847, d. 29 Jun 1921). They married on the 19 May 1877 St Philip's Church, Newark Street, Stepney, London, England after the birth of their sixth child, Jane.

Daniel Thomas was 38 years of age and Hannah Ann was 31 years of age when they were married. The marriage records show their names as being Thomas and Anne, which was a mistake. The witnesses were William Slatery & William Goody. They were both living at 126 Duckett Street, Stepney at the time of their marriage. Both are buried at Tower Hamlets Cemetery.

Harriet was christened at St Dunstan & All Saints' Church, Stepney on 9th June 1891 by E Hoskyns. She was 3 years of age and her father had died in 1890. She was living at 25 Duckett Street, Stepney when she was christened.

Harriet was one of no less than eleven children.

They were married at St Faith's Church, Shandy Street, Stepney, London, England by Ivan Manor.

Alfred was 27 years of age, Harriet was 24 years of age and both were living at 25 Duckett Street, Stepney at the time of their marriage. The witnesses were Joseph Goody and Lottie T Cernott.

The Author of this website is grateful to the Goody family for the information above, which can be found on the family website.