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The Dark Mirror of Desire: Hitler and Geli

The character of Nada in 'The Dark Mirror of Desire'

We meet Nada for the first time in Chapter 17 of 'The Dark Mirror of Desire', she is Pavel's girlfriend and they were at university together. She is a Jewess and studied European History and has a particular fascination for the relationship between Hitler and his niece Geli Raubal.

An extract from Chapter 19:

There was something fascinating about the picture of Geli Raubal, Hitler's mistress, standing knee deep at the edge of a lake, pulling her dress up to the level of her hips, which she gripped with three outstretched fingers. Taken sideways, her body was bent at an angle, as if she was about to take another step, but her head was turned to the camera and she was smiling. She was wearing a white dress; a narrow black belt at her waist had been loosened.

When Nada took her first steps in the lake, she held her dress in a similar fashion, glancing only briefly at Pavel as the cold water encircled her feet and gave them a tingling sensation. Magda was close by and laughed at her friend.

"Why don't you come in?" said Nada, "It's very refreshing!"

"I'll watch you for a minute," said Magda, "besides, I don't like sharks!"

"There are no sharks here!" screamed Nada, as she looked at Magda.

Pavel continued to watch as she stepped deeper into the water, which appeared very calm. It had been two days since they had embraced, and now he was beginning to feel some anxiety about what their feelings at that moment could have meant.

Deep down, Nada too was concerned. She was concerned about her sister. Unknown to them both, Krista had been awake and had heard them talking, and she had mentioned it to Nada. Nada shrugged it off though, but she felt guilty. There was a purpose in her movements now, she was aware that Pavel was watching her avidly, but the fact that Magda was also there made what she did appear respectable. As she stepped forward she lifted her dress a little higher each time, thus, by the time the water had passed beyond her knees she had to hold it at her hips to stop it trailing in the water. Turned sideways, the white skin that clung to her graceful hips and usually remained hidden was now exposed, but to retain her modesty the dress at both her front and rear draped in a curve close to the water.

"Shall I go any further?" she said, as she looked at Pavel, who, until that point, was lost in his own thoughts about the fine picture that Nada inspired. She looked at Magda, who was now edging herself into the water.

It is something of a fallacy that behind Geli's smile lay such dark feelings about her relationship with Hitler. For a start, as his popularity grew, so his relationship with her diminished. The other thing was that there were such dark secrets between them, intimacies that only they shared, that Geli must often have thought of their relationship as serving only one purpose. People talked about his fear of women, yet he was so relaxed with her (more than she was with him), perhaps it was because she was family. Later, women used to throw themselves in front of his motorcade in the hope that he would stop and comfort them, or would tear their blouses open in front of him. He was wary of women of his own age - perhaps they could read his mind. Young women were gullible perhaps, or was it that they imagined that to get close to him was to appease some sexual fantasy in which they acted out their love-making in front of his audiences - his oratory was said to have been compared to rape or murder. Geli could not have imagined what was on her step-uncle's mind. She was an excitable person, and flirted unashamedly except when she was with her uncle. Of course, this is what Hitler wanted to protect her from.

Nada's words were tinged with sexual innuendo and Pavel's eyes narrowed as he noticed the look on her face. Perhaps she wanted him to caress her at that moment, her flesh tingled when she stepped further into the water, it was like a caress as it crept between her legs, lapping gently against her skin. She turned around still holding her dress. Smiling, she began to walk back and meeting Magda halfway they held hands to keep their balance. The early morning sun caught her features and part of her face was now in shadow. She held her dress still and waded slowly towards Pavel. Pavel smiled at his sister.

"Here is your bride!" said Magda, as she smiled at her brother.

"Oh Magda, don't be so silly!" said Pavel, but he could not hide his feelings from his sister. Nada looked embarrassed.

"Listen to your sister!" said Nada, as if joking.

Geli looked into the lake and saw her dark reflection. She laughed and then turned around. She too could feel the cold water lapping at her flesh. She wanted to be seen. She wanted her uncle to see her - the way she was standing. It meant something.

It is said that Hitler's fear of women possibly derived from a bad experience with a prostitute. This probably took place in Vienna, it is thought that she was Jewish, and that he also contracted syphilis as a result. It is quite possible he infected Geli. Amongst his friends and in Mein Kampf he would often use the metaphor of the prostitute as representing evil.

In the Czech Republic prostitution is not recognized, instead, if women are found to derive their sole income from prostitution, they can be prosecuted under the criminal offence of parasitism. As a result, most prostitutes have regular jobs as secretaries, shop assistants or clerks, so that they can carry out their trade without the risk of prosecution.

"Help me out," said Nada, as she stretched out her hand.

Pavel looked at her and then at her dark reflection in the water. Magda was staring too, not at Nada, but at her brother, she then walked off in the other direction.

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